Trademarks and Licensing Frequently Asked Questions


Document TitleTrademarks and Licensing Frequently Asked Questions
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January 2003

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January 2003

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ORIGINAL: January 2003
LAST REVISED: August 2011
REVISION DATE: January 2016


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to answer frequently asked questions regarding the Trademark and Licensing Program.

II. Procedure

This policy applies to all items representing the Fredonia name, which is used for any campus promotional, recognition, social, special event, or fund raising projects.

It is in the best interest of the University to legally protect its image, names, trademarks, and logos from unauthorized use.

Who is covered?
All campus offices, departments, organizations, and associations desiring to use the university’s trade names, trademarks, logos and name. Included are all student, faculty and staff organizations; academic and administrative areas; alumni and athletic groups.

What is covered?
All proposed design products employing the university name, logo, department name, or marks must meet standard requirements established by the Office of Information Services. Products include all items intended to be sold or given away.

University trades name, trademarks and logos are any: word, name, letter(s), mark, logo, seal, symbol, or any combination of these which has come to be associated with the college in any style, size and/or form.

Any printed (on paper) material is outside the licensing guidelines; does not need a license but still needs art approval from the Publication Office.


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