Required Documentation for Requisitions


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Required Documentation for Requisitions

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Purchasing Department Policy No. 102

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January 2003

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January 2003

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ORIGINAL: January 2003
LAST REVISED: January 2016


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define what documentation is required for submitting requisitions so that requisitions are processed in a timely manner.

II. Procedure

  • Submit a typed original requisition form complete with account number and original authorized signature.
  • Describe the item(s) needed in as much detail as possible. Include catalog number(s), size or color specifications and unit quantities (Each, Dozen, Box, Carton – see Policy 104 abbreviations).
  • Identify the source of prices: written (preferred), catalog, phone (include contact’s name and date), state contract, etc. Fill in the unit pricing and extend it for quantity. Total the amount you need encumbered for the order. Ask to have shipping included in the quote.
  • Accompany the requisition with all supporting documentation such as written quotations or descriptive literature. Any correspondence, conversations or understandings of any kind relevant to the requisition should be attached to the back of the requisition. Identify all suggested suppliers or vendors contacted. Include supplier State Financial System Vendor I.D. number, telephone and FAX numbers.
  • Prepaid orders must have all associated paperwork attached and filled out, I.E. an order form. Prepaid orders are allowed for subscriptions and memberships, and we do encourage the use of the State issued procurement card. All forms, including conference registrations, need to be forwarded to the vendor by the department noting on the form “Check to Follow”. We cannot use a company that requires prepayment for supplies or equipment.
  • Deposits are not allowed. We cannot use a company which requires a deposit.
  • Confirming orders must be so indicated on the requisition, including the date order was placed and with whom. The Purchasing Department discourages the placement of confirming orders resulting in non-competitive pricing and the potential for duplicate shipments. Departments must justify reasonableness of price according to NYS and SUNY policies.

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