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The purpose of this guideline is to define a procedure by which new employees can be reimbursed for moving expenses.


This procedure applies to all new employees who were given a Moving Allowance in their Offer of Employment Letter and meet the SUNY Moving Expenses Guideline (Document #8200).


Read and understand SUNY’s Moving Expenses Guideline Document #8200.

  • If new employee meets the criteria set forth in Document #8200:
    • Make a copy of Offer of Employment Letter. Highlight the awarded Moving Allowance stated in the letter.
    • Complete the Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement Form AC1099-S.
      • Employee must sign and date the Employee/Appointee Agreement section of this form.
      • Appointing Officer must sign and date the Certification of Appointing Officer section of this form.
    • Complete the Standard Voucher Form AC92. This form itemizes and summarizes the moving expenses up to but not exceeding the awarded amount the new employee is seeking reimbursement for.
      • Attach an itemized receipt AND Proof of Payment for each item listed on the Standard Voucher.
      • PLEASE NOTE TAX IMPLICATION: Fredonia reimburses personal auto mileage at the current IRS “Business Rate,” which is higher than the current IRS “Moving Rate.” The difference between the “Moving Rate” and the “Business Rate” is taxable.
      • Appointing Officer will sign the Payee Certification section of this form.
    • Employee will submit above paperwork to their Appointing Officer.
  • Appointing Officer will review, sign and submit to University Accounting for processing.
  • University Accounting will audit reimbursement and input for payment, once all paperwork is approved.
    • PLEASE NOTE: University Accounting CANNOT input the Moving Reimbursement Standard Voucher for payment until one day AFTER the new employee’s first paycheck is physically printed by OSC.
      • Once the first paycheck is printed, the new employee’s moving reimbursement should be received by the employee within the week.
  • We have one year from date of hire to process moving reimbursements.
  • We can ONLY reimburse the employee for their moving expenses. We cannot, for example, pay ABC Movers directly for an employee’s move. The employee must pay ABC Movers and request reimbursement.

Documentation Required

  • Offer of Employment Letter

  • Request/Agreement for Moving Expense Reimbursement Form AC1099-S

  • Standard Voucher AC92

    • Itemized receipts

    • Proof of Payment for each receipt

Additional Documents

SUNY Moving Policy (attached PDF below)


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