State Employee Owned Companies


Document TitleState Employee Owned Companies
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Policy NumberPurchasing Department Policy No. 304
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January 2003

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January 2003

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ORIGINAL: January 2003
LAST REVISED: August 2011
REVISION DATE: January 2016


I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define a procedure for the use of state employee owned companies.

II. Procedure

Bulletin G202, Public Officer’s Law (know your Vendors) dated February 25, 2002 reminds all agencies of the State that no state employee shall sell any goods or services having a value in excess of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) to any State agency unless goods and services are provided pursuant to an award or contract after public notice (Contract Reporter) and competitive bidding (formal seal bids).

Therefore as it stands, the University will suspend doing any business with any state employee-owned business without a formal bid. This purchase may have a lead-time of approximately 8 weeks for the formal bid process.


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