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The purpose of this guideline is to define a procedure by which employees or departments are assigned business and personal pin codes.


Pin Codes are assigned to those employees or tasks for which business and/or personal phone calls, photocopies, and/or fueling of state vehicles will be utilized.  Monthly pin code usages are tracked and cross referenced to department codes, which is then used to create a recharge to the appropriate department.

Pin code(s) are confidential and are NOT to be shared between users.


The requesting department’s clerical staff, Dean, Chair, Director, Vice President, or President will send an e-mail to Revenue Accounting requesting a pin code to be assigned.

  • The e-mail must contain the employee’s first and last name, eServices UserID, account to be charged, and what the pin code will be used for (i.e. phone calls and/or photocopies or photocopies ONLY). 
    • If an explanation of usage is not stated, the employee will be automatically assigned a business and personal pin code for phone calls and photocopies.

The Revenue Accountant will assign the next available pin code(s) and notify:

  • The requestor via an e-mail reply that the pin code(s) have been assigned
  • Accounting Clerk II responsible for monthly recharges
    • Clerk II will mail the employee a “confidential” letter containing their assigned pin code(s) along with an Administrative Dialing Instructions card.
  • Director of University Services
    • University Services will log the business pin code for state vehicle fueling purposes (should the employee request the use of a state vehicle in the future)

It is the department’s responsibility to notify Revenue Accounting when a pin code is no longer needed in their department.


  • An e-mail from the requesting department to the Revenue Accountant.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact Revenue Accounting via e-mail or by calling Ext. 3776


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