Payroll Deduction for the Collection of Parking Fines


Document TitlePayroll Deduction for the Collection of Parking Fines
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October 2017

Approved byAdopted by the authority of the President's Cabinet as a revision to Policy #004, Payroll Deduction for the Collection of Parking Fines.
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Payroll Deduction for the Collection of Parking Fines

I. Reason for Policy

To comply with SUNY Administrative Procedure, Payroll Deduction for the Collection of Traffic Fines, Document Number: 8801.

II. Policy Statement

Administrative fines assessed for the violation of University parking regulations may be deducted from the salary and wages of University employees if such fines are not paid voluntarily.

Prior to resorting to the payroll deduction process for the collection of parking fines, every effort is made to encourage an employee to make payment voluntarily. This collection effort includes the parking ticket itself, and follow-up letters sent from the Student Accounts Office, parking unit.

When the above efforts have failed to result in payment of outstanding fines, such fines may be deducted from the salary or wages of the employee. This is accomplished based on the following guidelines:

  • Payroll deductions may be made when an employee accumulates unpaid fines, or
  • When an employee leaves State Service.

Salary and wage checks are not withheld due to unpaid parking fines unless there is insufficient time for the procedure to be followed, as in the case of termination.

III. Related Documents, Forms, and Tools


The procedure for deducting from payroll checks is as follows:

  • To deduct the uncollected fine from a payroll check, a dollar amount is entered as a deduction in PayServ, the NYS Office of the State Comptroller payroll system. This request must be made in writing from the parking unit to the Payroll Office.
  • Once the goal amount of the deduction entered is reached, the deduction stops.



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