How to know if your email has been compromised

Below are a list of indicators that could help you determine whether or not your email account has been compromised:

1. Your password has been changed

If someone gained access to your email account credentials, there is a strong likelihood that they have locked you out on their way in. If you know you’re typing in your password correctly, however you are not given access to your inbox, that could be a tell-tale sign that is was changed on you. In instances like this it’s good to have a recovery email setup that recognizes when a possible intruder is trying to access your account from an unknown location and notifies you.

2. There is mail in your inbox that you don’t recognize

Commonly attackers that have gained access to your account will attempt to access other accounts associated with your email. If there are emails in your inbox telling you a password has recently changed, that you did not change yourself, it could be a result of your account being compromised.

3. You receive multiple phishing emails

An abundance of what are known as phishing emails, malicious emails that appear to be from a reputable sender in order to obtain personal information from the receiver, can be indicative of a compromised account. Additional information on phishing emails can be found here.

4. You’re being notified that people are receiving spam from your account

If an attacker has access to your account, a likely course of action they may take is using it as a conduit yo your organization. If you are being told that colleagues are receiving junk/phishing/spam emails from your account, your account may be compromised.

If you believe your account has been compromised contact the ITS Service Center immediately at or (716) 673-3407.

Instructions on resetting and changing your eServices password can be found /wiki/spaces/ISS/pages/1110835318.

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