Learning Spaces

Fredonia has a variety of learning spaces for academic and collaborative purposes. Almost every building on campus has smart classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, and unique venues for events and meetings.

For reservations:

  • Courses are scheduled through the Registrar office at x3171. Faculty who are hoping to secure a Smart Classroom should let their department chairperson know at the first phase of course offerings.
  • Computers labs Thompson W207, W217, and McEwen G22 can be reserved by Information Technology Services (tracker@fredonia.edu) when NOT in use for classes.
  • All other learning spaces must be scheduled by the appropriate department before use.

To learn how to use a Smart Classroom, please view the instructions provided for Touch Panel and Button Controller rooms.

All Smart Classrooms listed below include an Audio System and Screen. Most rooms also have a computer, Extron controller, Blu Ray player, and laptop connectivity (HDMI and VGA). Click on the name of the room to view more information about that room. 

All other learning spaces may not have a computer and/or a projector. Please plan accordingly when scheduling meetings, events, or classes in those spaces.

Conference Rooms

Computer Labs

Learning Spaces for Academics, Meetings, and Events (Smart Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Computer Labs, Venues)

Building and Room

Room Type






Extron Control?

Fire Code
Capacity (Student Capacity minus 1)

Scheduled By (Department)
Alumni House Conference RoomConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneProjectorNone - Use Remote20FSA Catering
Alumni House Garden RoomConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneProjectorNone - Use Remote27FSA Catering
Alumni House Great RoomConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneProjectorNone - Use Remote16FSA Catering
Carnahan Jackson Center 403 - Tower LoungeConference RoomChairs and Table

NoneNoneNone12Learning Center
College Lodge Conference RoomConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone18FSA Catering
College Lodge Dining HallConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone125FSA Catering
Dods 101Classroom

Tablet Arm Chairs

YesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box38Registrar
Dods 102Classroom

Tablet Arm Chairs

YesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box36Registrar
Dods 114Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone16


Dods 148StudioOpen space/ChairsNoNoNoneNoneN/A40

Theatre and

Dods 160AGymBleachersNoNoNoneNoneNone850


Dods 160BGym

Bleachers and Floor



Fenton 105Lecture HallFixed Seating/Tablet ArmYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel120Registrar
Fenton 108ClassroomDesksYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel44Mathematical Sciences
Fenton 115Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindowsProjector

Computer Information Sciences

Fenton 118 - Lenna (President's) Conference RoomConference RoomChairs and Table

WindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel40


Fenton 127 - English Reading RoomConference RoomChairs and TablesYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box49English
Fenton 153ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel48Registrar
Fenton 154ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box36Registrar
Fenton 158ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box38Registrar
Fenton 159ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel49Registrar
Fenton 164ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box44Registrar
Fenton 166ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box33Registrar
Fenton 168ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel49Registrar
Fenton 170ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsNoYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel42Registrar
Fenton 174ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box30Registrar
Fenton 175ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box27Registrar
Fenton 176ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box39Registrar
Fenton 179ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box35Registrar
Fenton 180ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel36Registrar
Fenton 222 (Fishbowl)Study SpaceChairs and TablesNoNoNoneProjectorNone - Use Remote20Mathematical Sciences
Fenton 2146Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneTVNone - Use Remote10
Fenton 2157ClassroomChairs and TablesYesNoWindowsTVNone - Use Remote40

and Cultures

Fenton 2162Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersYesYesWindowsProjectorN/A25


Fenton 2164Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoYesWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote30

Computer Information Sciences

Fenton 2165Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote23

and Cultures

Foundation House 103Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneProjectorNone - Use Remote22University Advancement
Gregory G129Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone10FSA
Gregory G143Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone8Residence Life
Grissom A122Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsTVWall Box23Residence Life
Hendrix H140AConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone10


Igoe 103AClassroom
NoNoNoneTVNone - Use Remote24

Visual Arts
New Media

Igoe 123/Photo LabComputer labDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshProjectorNone - Use Remote

Visual Arts
New Media

Incubator 101Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneProjectorWall Box25Incubator
Incubator 145Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone6Incubator
Incubator 232Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone6Incubator
Jewett 101Lecture HallFixed Seating/Tablet ArmYesYes


ProjectorButton and Touch Panel155Registrar
Jewett 118Language Learning Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorWall Box

Jewett 120Language Learning Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorWall Box28
Jewett 122Language Learning Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorWall Box

Kasling B116Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsTVWall Box24Residence Life
Learning Center/Reed Library 4th FloorComputer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindows

LoGrasso 39Conference Room
NoNoNoneDisplayNone - Use Remote15Health Center
Mason - Diers Recital HallRecital Hall
192School of Music
Mason - Rosch Recital HallRecital Hall
426School of Music
Mason 1001Rehearsal Hall
YesNoMacintoshProjectorButton and Touch Panel80School of Music
Mason 1002Classroom

Tablet Arm Chairs

NoYesMacintoshProjectorButton and Touch Panel44School of Music
Mason 1022ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesMacintoshProjectorButton and Touch Panel43School of Music
Mason 1024Rehearsal Hall
NoNoNoneNoneNone49School of Music
Mason 1042Recording Studio
School of Music
Mason 1051Rehearsal HallOpen space/ChairsNoNoNoneProjectorWall Box

Standing: 374
Chairs: 267
Tables & Chairs: 124

School of Music
Mason 1055Recording Studio
School of Music
Mason 1075Rehearsal HallOpen space/ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box

Standing: 561
Chairs: 400
Tables & Chairs: 187

School of Music
Mason 1080Rehearsal HallOpen space/ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box

Standing: 821
Chairs: 586
Tables & Chairs: 273

School of Music
Mason 2015LaboratoryPianosNoYesNoneProjectorWall Box44School of Music
Mason 2016Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshProjectorWall Box12School of Music
Mason 2017Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshProjectorWall Box50School of Music
Mason 2018Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesYesMacintoshProjectorTouch Panel55School of Music
Mason 2019ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsNoYesMacintoshProjectorWall Box71School of Music
Mason 2020LaboratoryPianosNoYesNoneProjectorWall Box43School of Music
Mason 2057SRT Studio

9School of Music
Mason 2140Classroom (BYOD Space)Tablet Arm ChairsNoYesNoneProjector

Use Remote, Wall Box

30School of Music
Mason 3139SRT Studio

School of Music
Mason 3140Classroom (BYOD Space)Tablet Arm ChairsNoYesNoneProjectorUse Remote, Wall Box30School of Music
Maytum 101Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoWindowsTVNone - Use Remote8Information Technology Services
Maytum 301Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneTVNone - Use Remote20Finance and Administration
Maytum 407Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone5Payroll
Maytum 601Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneTVNone - Use Remote19Enrollment and Student Services
Maytum 703Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone12
Maytum 707Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone12Academic Affairs
McEwen G09StudioOpen space/ChairsNoNoMacintoshNoneNone
McEwen G22Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersYesNoWindowsTVTouch Panel50Information Technology Services
McEwen G24Lecture HallFixed Seating/Tablet ArmYesYesWindows,
ProjectorButton and Touch Panel105Registrar
McEwen G26Lecture HallFixed Seating/Tablet ArmYesYesWindows,
ProjectorButton and Touch Panel105Registrar
McEwen 103/Sheldon LabComputer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshProjectorWall Box36Communication
McEwen 106 Story LabComputer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNo

McEwen Audio Editing SuitesComputer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNo

McEwen Video Editing SuitesComputer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNo

McEwen 201ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsNoNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote42Communication
McEwen 202Lecture HallFixed Seating/Tablet ArmYesYesWindows,
ProjectorButton and Touch Panel207Registrar
McEwen 209Lecture HallFixed Seating/Tablet ArmYesYesWindows,
ProjectorButton and Touch Panel311Registrar
McEwen 214Conference RoomChairs and tablesNoNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote25Communication
McEwen 303ClassroomTablet Arm Chairs

Reed Library 102ClassroomChairs and Tables

Reed Library
Reed Library ComputersComputer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindows
Reed Library 159Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone10Reed Library
Reed Library GardenConference RoomN/ANoNoNoneNoneNone75Reed Library
Rockefeller 203Conference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoNoneTVNone - Use Remote39

Theatre and

Rockefeller 233ClassroomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel25

Visual Arts
New Media

Rockefeller 236ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box32Registrar
Rockefeller 237Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshProjectorTouch Panel27

Visual Arts
New Media

Rockefeller 238ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box32Registrar
Rockefeller 239Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshProjectorTouch Panel27

Visual Arts
New Media

Rockefeller 247ClassroomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel

Visual Arts
New Media

Rockefeller 253Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNo
Windows, MacintoshProjectorTouch Panel26Theatre and
Rockefeller 258StudioOpen space/BleachersNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel138Theatre and
Rockefeller 262StudioOpen spaceNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel37Theatre and
Rockefeller 272StudioOpen spaceNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel27Theatre and
Rockefeller 276StudioOpen spaceNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel28Theatre and
Rockefeller 279StudioOpen spaceNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel25Theatre and
Rockefeller 307Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshTVNone - Use Remote28Visual Arts
New Media
Rockefeller 310Computer LabDesks, chairs, computers

Visual Arts
New Media
Rockefeller 320Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorWall Box29Visual Arts
New Media
Rockefeller 321Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorWall Box25Visual Arts
New Media
Rockefeller 323AConference RoomChairs and Table

15Rockefeller Arts Center
Rockefeller 325Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoMacintoshTV

Visual Arts
New Media
Rockefeller P59ClassroomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel46Visual Arts New Media
Rockefeller P75ClassroomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel45Visual Arts New Media
Rockefeller P84ClassroomChairs and TablesNoNoMacintoshProjectorTouch Panel

Chairs/Standing: 137, Tables & Chairs: 64

Visual Arts

Rockefeller, King Concert HallPerformance SpaceFixed seatingNoNoNoneNoneNone1200Rockefeller Arts Center
Rockefeller, Marvel TheatrePerformance SpaceFixed seatingNoNoNoneNoneNone400Rockefeller Arts Center
Rockefeller, Bartlett TheatrePerformance SpaceFixed seatingNoNoNoneNoneNone
Rockefeller Arts Center
Science Ctr B010Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel49Registrar
Science Ctr B012Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel27Registrar
Science Ctr 105Lecture HallFixed tables, chairsYesYesWindowsProjectorTouch Panel121Registrar
Science Ctr 110Laboratory

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Chemistry
Science Ctr 117Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel25Registrar
Science Ctr 121Computer labDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel30


Science Ctr 122Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesYesWindowsProjectorTouch Panel49Registrar
Science Ctr 126Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoYesWindowsProjectorTouch Panel49Registrar
Science Ctr 130LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel25Biology
Science Ctr 143LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Chemistry
Science Ctr 144LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Biology
Science Ctr 220 - Gavin Aerie Conference RoomConference RoomChairs and Table

Science Ctr 226LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Biology
Science Ctr 231LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Biology
Science Ctr 242LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Biology
Science Ctr 243LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Biology
Science Ctr 244 - Marletta Conference RoomConference RoomChairs and Table

Science Ctr 321 - Major Alice Conference RoomConference RoomChairs and TableNoNoWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel30Biology/
Science Ctr 322Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Chemistry
Science Ctr 328LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Chemistry
Science Ctr 332LaboratoryFixed tables, chairsNoNoWindowsProjectorButton Panel26Chemistry
Service Complex 106Conference RoomChairs and Table

ProjectorNone - Use Remote10


Steele Hall - Bob Steele Multipurpose RoomConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjector
Steele Hall - Natatorium LobbyVenue SpaceN/ANonoNoneNoneNone576Athletics
Thompson W101Lecture HallFixed seating/Tablet ArmNoYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel196Registrar
Thompson W107Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNo

13International Student Services
Thompson W112Computer LabDesks, chairs, computers


Thompson W131ClassroomTablesNoNoWindowsProjector
47College of Education
Thompson E110StudioOpen space/ChairsNoNoNoneNone
Thompson E114Classroom

Chairs and Tables

Thompson E120ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box30Registrar
Thompson E122ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box27Registrar
Thompson E124Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box39College of Education
Thompson E128Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box42College of Education
Thompson E148Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoWindowsTV, ProjectorNone - Use Remote20Communication Disorders
Thompson E149Computer LabDesks, chairs, computers
Communication Disorders
Thompson W203Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindows, MacintoshNoneNone26Information Technology Services
Thompson W207Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote17Information Technology Services
Thompson W217Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersYesYesWindowsProjectorTouch Panel32Registrar
Thompson W229Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindowsTVNone - Use Remote26Psychology
Thompson W231ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box35Registrar
Thompson W239Classroom

Chairs and Tables

YesYesWindowsProjectorTouch Panel46Registrar
Thompson W245Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote33College of Education
Thompson W246


Tablet Arm ChairsNoNoWindowsTVButton Panel32Psychology
Thompson W256Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNoNoneNoneNone10College of Education
Thomspon E231Conference RoomChairs and TableNoNo

8Sponsored Programs
Thompson E287Computer LabDesks, chairs, computersNoNoWindowsNoneNone8Educational Development Program
Thompson E305ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel42Registrar
Thompson E309ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsTVWall Box21Registrar
Thompson E316ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsTVWall Box27Registrar
Thompson E327ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorWall Box36Registrar
Thompson E329 - History Reading RoomConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoNoneTV
Thompson E335Conference RoomChairs and TablesYesYesWindowsTV, ProjectorTouch Panel23Information Technology Services
Thompson E347ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel61Registrar
Thompson E359ClassroomChairs and TablesYesYesWindowsProjectorButton and Touch Panel32Registrar
Thompson E361ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote25Registrar
Thompson E363ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote42Registrar
Thompson E369Conference RoomChairs and Tables

NoneTVNone25Political Science
Thompson E384Classroom

Chairs and Tables

NoNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote20Registrar
Thompson W301Conference RoomChairs and Table


School of

Thompson W338Conference RoomChairs and Table

Thompson W380Classroom

Thompson W394ClassroomTablet Arm ChairsYesNoWindowsProjectorNone - Use Remote36Registrar
University Commons 223Conference RoomChairs and Table

NoneNoneNone10Residence Life
Williams Ctr B046 - Horizon RoomConference RoomChairs and Table

NoneTV, ProjectorWall Box125FSA Catering
Williams Ctr G103AConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorButton PanelG103 Combined: 110Campus Life
Williams Ctr G103BConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorButton PanelG103 Combined: 110Campus Life
Williams Ctr G103CConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorButton PanelG103 Combined: 110Campus Life
Williams Ctr G138/The Spot LoungeVenue SpaceChairs and TablesNoNoNoneProjectorNone - Use Remote
Campus Life
Williams Ctr S202 Pucci RoomConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjector
49Campus Life
Williams Ctr S204A (Default Configuration: S204ABC)Conference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel, Wall BoxS204 Combined: 172Campus Life
Williams Ctr S204B (Default Configuration: S204ABC)Conference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel, Wall BoxS204 Combined: 172Campus Life
Williams Ctr S204C (Default Configuration: S204ABC)Conference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel, Wall BoxS204 Combined: 172Campus Life
Williams Ctr S204DConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel, Wall BoxS204 Combined: 172Campus Life
Williams Ctr S204EConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel, Wall BoxS204 Combined: 172Campus Life
Williams Ctr S221Conference RoomChairs and TablesNoNo

Campus Life
Williams Ctr S222Conference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorWall Box
Campus Life
Williams Ctr Multi-Purpose RoomConference RoomChairs and TablesNoNoWindowsProjectorTouch Panel, Wall Box
Campus Life

Smart Classroom Instructions:

  • Log in to the computer with your eServices ID and password
  • Select On under Projector on the Extron control panel on the desk to turn on the projector
  • Select your display source: MAC, HDMI, VGA, Doc Cam, or Blu-Ray
  • Use the Volume knob on the Extron control panel to raise and lower audio volume
  • Hold down the Off button for 3 seconds to turn off the projector
  • To use Doc cam:
    • Press the Power button on the doc cam
    • Select the Doc Cam as your source on the Extron Control Panel
  • To use Blu-Ray:
    • Press the Power button on the Blu-Ray
    • Select the Blu-Ray as your source on the Extron Control Panel
    • Insert your disc into the Blu-Ray player
  • Display Mute can be used to stop showing the source image on the projector screen while the projector is on
    • Press Display Mute on the Extron control panel
    • The button will begin to blink and the projector screen will go black
    • Press Display Mute again to turn off the feature and display your source material on the projector screen
  • For Mason 2140 and 3140:
    • For the projector:
      • Turn on the projector by pressing the Power button once on the projector mounted in the ceiling
      • Turn off the projector by pressing the Power button once and then a second time to confirm the selection
    • Plug in the VGA cable coming from the black rack into the appropriate port on your laptop

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