Houghton 028, 236, 237 control panel instructions


Houghton 028,236,237.png

This room is equipped with a matrix switcher, meaning any unique input (PC, HDMI, Doc-cam, Solstice) can be viewed on any unique display (Left Projector, Computer Monitor, Right Projector) at any given time.  In example, the Doc-cam could be displayed on the Right Projector while the PC is displayed on the Left Projector.

  • To turn either projector on and lower the screen, press the “Power Button” for whichever unit (left or right projector) you wish to power up.  This button will turn green.  

  • To turn either projector off and raise the screen, press the “Power Button” for whichever unit you wish to power down. This button will turn gray.

  • To mute the video display to either projector, press the “Video Mute” button.  The button will flash red while the video is muted.  Press again to unmute.

  • To select a source, simply press the desired input below each display.

  • To hear audio from any device at the teacher station, make sure that the source device is selected under the “computer monitor” tab.

  • To raise or lower the audio volume, use the slider.  ***It is best practice to leave the computer volume at or near 100% and use the volume control level on the panel. This is how the audio gain structure is designed and how it will sound it’s best.***

  • To mute the audio, press the “Audio Mute” button. Press again to unmute.

  • To shut both projectors down and raise both screens simultaneously, press the “System Shutdown” button.

  • Turn OFF the lights to the classroom.