Personal Identity Theft

Avoid Personal Identity Theft

Identify vulnerable data. Identity Finder is a software program that helps you identify the sensitive information that is vulnerable to theft on your personal laptops and desktop machines.
Raise awareness. Protection and management of sensitive information requires awareness by all the people who work with this type of data. Educate your friends and colleagues about how to secure sensitive information.
Practice avoidance. Avoid collecting, handling or storing unwanted sensitive information.

Identity Theft FAQs

What is considered sensitive information?

  • Sensitive information includes legally protected elements such as:
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Credit card and bank account numbers
  • Driver's license numbers
  • Health information
  • Confidential legal or financial data
  • Personally identifiable student/staff information

Who handles sensitive information?

Sensitive information is handled by hundreds of people working in departments like administration, admissions, the finance department and the health center.

What data is most at risk?

Sensitive data left on personal laptops or desktop computers are the most vulnerable to theft and will be available to all the people who have access to them, especially if the property is stolen.

If you believe you could be a victim of Identity Theft...

Contact University Police @ 673.1333 or local law enforcement