How do I use admin access on my Windows 10 computer?

After completing the Computer Administrative Privileges Request Process, please follow the below process to use admin access on your Windows 10 computer.

  1. Login into your University authorized access computer.

  2. When you attempt to access an application or service on your computer that requires administrative access, you will be prompted to enter your eServices User ID and Password.

NOTE: The C:\ADMUSE directory is available for anyone that has local administrative privileges on a respective computer and is used for running installation files for applications. 

To install an application as an administrator:

  • Move your installer into the C:\ADMUSE folder.
  • Find the RunMeAsAdmin.bat file in that folder and right-click on the name. Select run as administrator and provide your admin credentials.
  • The script will ask for the name of the installer file, type or paste the full name of the installation file (including the file extension) and press enter to run the installer.
  • The script will launch the installation with the TEMP and TMP variables set correctly.