How to request a "Kiosk" computer?

The Information Security Office (ISO) offers campus departments the ability to request an approved Kiosk for defined business needs. A "Kiosk" computer is a University owned workstation or laptop that is specialized to provide a defined and limited access to University computing services. An example of a Kiosk would be a computer that permits users without a Fredonia eServices account to use a select website to access a web service in order to complete a set of tasks. 

NOTE: All Kiosks need be approved by the ISO before going into production and will be periodically audited for security purposes.


  1. Create a Tracker Ticket and provide the following details within the Tracker ticket:
    1. What will the kiosk be used for?
    2. What applications need to run? 
    3. Does the requested web accessible application run on Chrome? If not, then what browser? 
    4. What URL(s) need to be accessible? 
    5. Does the kiosk need to print and if so to which printer? 
    6. Does the kiosk need to auto-login or have individual logins (through e-Services)? 
    7. Does the kiosk need access to external drives (e.g. USB)? If so, please explain the reason.
  2. The ITS Service Center will review the ticket to ensure that all requirements are addressed and then transfer the ticket to the Information Security Office (ISO) for review.
  3. The ISO will perform a security risk assessment. If approved, the ISO will move the ticket to the ITS Enterprise Infrastructure Services team to create the kiosk as specified and add it to the Approved Kiosk Inventory. The EIS team will then move the ticket to the ITS Service Center for deployment to the customer.
  4. The ITS Service Center will deploy the new Kiosk and work with the customer to test accordingly.