Migrating Distribution Lists into Google Contracts


Save Each Distribution List

  1. In Outlook, open the distribution list by double clicking on the name in the Contacts section

  2. On the Distribution List tab, click the arrow next to the Send button in the Actions setting

  3. Select In Internet Format (vCard)

  4. An email will open with an attachment in it, right click on the attachment name and select Open

  5. Remove all information except the contact information

  6. Separate each piece of information with a comma

  7. Save the file

Modify the Distribution List File Type

  1. Open Excel

  2. Click on the Microsoft Office button and choose Open

  3. In the Files of Type drop down menu choose All Files

  4. Locate the file that was saved above, it will be a txt file

  5. When the Text Import Wizard opens, press Next

  6. On the second step of the wizard uncheck Tab and check Comma in the Delimiters section

  7. Press Finish

  8. Insert a row above all of the contacts and add titles for First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.

    1. To see more detailed information about adding titles go to Add, Move, or Import Contacts.

  9. Click on the Microsoft Office button and choose Save As

  10. In the Save as Type drop down menu choose CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

  11. Save the file

  12. Excel will say that this format does not keep some formatting and do you want to continue. Say Yes

Import the Distribution List into FREDmail

  1. Go to your FREDmail contacts

  2. Select the Import link in the right hand corner

  3. Press the Browse button and locate the saved .csv file

  4. Checkmark the Also add these imported contacts to: box

  5. In the drop down menu choose a group or choose to add a new group

  6. Press Import

Merging Double Contacts

If someone in your distribution list already existed in your Contacts, they may have two listings. You can merge these double contacts using the Find Duplicates settings.

  1. Open the Contacts folder

  2. Press the Find duplicates button

  3. Use the details link next to each contact to check whether these are duplicate contacts

  4. Uncheck any contacts you do not want merged

  5. Click Merge to complete the process

Add, Move, or Import Contacts guide