voicemail - Accessing the voicemail at Fredonia

Any phone with an enabled voicemail service can be accessed using these directions.  If you still have an older phone set, or a new VoIP set the access method will work for both.  If you have a red blinking light on the corner of your VoIP phone, or a gray diamond in the voicemail key on a meridian handset this indicates the presence of a voicemail message.  An unusual dial tone may also indicate a voicemail message on older analog hand sets.

Step-by-step guide

If you have multiple lines present on your phone, please take note of the phone number next to the message icon.  This is the phone number you will need to enter when the system requests your voicemail box. 

VVX450 screen voicemail

  1. Dial (716) 673-4444 ( this can be done from any phone, you do not need to make this call from the phone that has the message )
  2. Enter your mailbox number in a seven digit format. ( using the example above, this user would enter 6732004 as it has the voicemail icon next to the number)
  3. Enter your password followed by the pound sign. ( for example 1111# )
  4. Press 1 to access the Message Menu.
    • Press 1 to play new messages.
    • Press 2 to save the message and play the next message.
    • press 3 to delete the message.
  5. Hang up if you are finished and the message indicator will clear shortly if you've listened to or deleted all new messages.

If you do not know your voicemail box password, you can create a Tracker ticket or send an email to ITS for assistance. Please include the voicemail box number when creating the ticket.

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