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In order to properly close down Daniel A. Reed Library and protect the well being of students and staff, the library follows a set closing schedule. The cooperation of library patrons is essential. Please be courteous and cooperative with your fellow students who work in the library by being aware of the closing time, saving any open files and leaving in a timely manner.

The process of closing Reed Library starts 20 minutes before the posted closing time.  

At 20 minutes before closing:

  • Lights in the Carnahan-Jackson Center will be turned off floor by floor, starting at the fourth floor. 
  • Patrons in those areas will be directed to the main library.
  • An announcement will be made to alert patrons to the check-out deadline and impending closing.

At 15 minutes before closing:

  • The main library lights will be flashed. 
  • Reserve items must be returned.

At 10 minutes before closing: 

  • The "In" door will be locked.  
  • PC's will begin to shut down. 
  • Check-out materials will cease. 
  • Patrons will be asked to finish up their tasks and save any files.

All patrons must exit by closing time.


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