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Statement of Jurisdiction

The Standards of Behavior and University Policies apply to all undergraduate students, graduate students, and student organizations of Fredonia. The Standards of Behavior primarily prohibits misconduct on Fredonia property, but may address off-campus conduct when the behavior or the continued presence of the individual, in in the University's sole judgment, impairs, obstructs, or interferes with the mission, processes, or functions of Fredonia. Students should be aware that Fredonia reserves the right to review and take disciplinary actions based on conduct occurring off-campus and/or between academic periods.

A student's actions may violate civil or criminal laws as well as being deemed a violation of the University Standards of Behavior or University Policies. In such situations, that student may be held accountable by both civil authorities and face University sanction. The University may at its sole discretion, elect to pursue disciplinary action against a student even if criminal charges involving the same incident are pending, have been dismissed, or were reduced.

Students that elect to Study Abroad through the International Education Center will assume dual status as a Fredonia student and as a student of the host institution. Fredonia's Rights and Responsibilities are applicable while the student is studying abroad.

Students who witness serious violations of Fredonia policy, procedures, or Rights and Responsibilities that are potentially harmful to the safety and well-being of others may be charged with a violation or violations if they fail to remove themselves from such situations and/or report the incident to proper authorities.


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