How to use the U: Drive

What is the U: Drive and why should I use it?

The U: Drive is network storage that is automatically backed up twice a day and is available from computers anywhere on campus.  As data loss can occur when the hard drive in your computer fails, ITS recommends that you save your files on your U: Drive. If your computer crashes, your important files will still be accessible and safe on the server. 

How do I get to it?

PC Users
The U: drive is automatically mapped as drive letter U: and is available from within the My Computer (or This PC) Icon.

Mac Users
The U: Drive will appear on the right hand side of the dock as your Network Home. If it doesn't, follow these instructions:

In Finder, click the GO menu up top. Select “Connect to Server…”
For the server address, type smb://ad/fshome/ and then put your username. For example, for someone with the username Johnson, it becomes smb://ad/fshome/johnson

How much space do I have?

  • Faculty and staff members have 50GB of storage which can be increased upon demonstrated need
  • Students have 5GB of storage which can be increased upon demonstrated need

Why is the Network storage preferred over an external or flash drive?
As network storage is backed up regularly, you will not lose information. If an external or flash drive drive fails, your files could be lost.

What kind of files can I place in my U: Drive?

Your U: Drive can be used to store your academic career (e.g. course work etc.) or University business related data. Do not save your personal data to your U: Drive. You may save Category 1 - Public (Low) and Category 2 - Private (Moderate) data.  To learn more, please review the Data Risk Classification Policy.

Can others see my files?
No, the U: Drive is considered your personal space and security settings permit only you to access it. If you want to share your files with others on a networked drive, they can be housed on a different server. Please submit a Tracker ticket to consult with ITS on what options may be best for sharing specific kinds of data with others.

How can I tell how much space I have left in my U: Drive?
PC Users
When you open My Computer or This PC, you will see your U: drive. Under the bar that shows how full it is, you will see a number that reads "## GB free of ## GB"

Mac Users
Right-click the desktop icon and select get info. In the new window, it will display the amount of available space.

If I run out of space, can I have my quota increased?
Please submit a ticket to request more space by emailing or by going to