How can I access my U: Drive from off campus?

Due to numerous spyware, malware, ransomware, and virus concerns, ITS no longer offers direct access to your U:\ drive from off-campus. ITS suggests a better two-step solution. 

Step #1: Use Fredonia's Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution to connect to campus.  Please see Getting started with the Fredonia Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services.

Step #2: Control your office Windows or MAC computer from anywhere.  Please see How to access your computer remotely.  This solution not only allows you to access your U:\ drive from off-campus but also allows you to use all applications installed on your office computer.   NOTEFaculty that have only an assigned laptop computer and transport said laptop off-campus can contact ITS at for a possible Windows solution. 

For Category I - Public Data and Category II - Private Data, ITS recommends saving files / folders from your U:\ drive to Google Drive when on campus.

For Security Category III - Restricted Data access, please contact the Information Security Office for more information.

Students can access their U: drives on lab computers.