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Check Distribution Policies & Procedures

In order to maintain the integrity of paycheck processing and separation of duties, the State Accounting Office is responsible for the distribution of Administrative Employee and Graduate Assistant paychecks and advices. The Student Accounts Office is responsible for distribution of Student Assistant and College Work Study paychecks and advices. The role of the Office of Payroll Services in the distribution process is to provide the State Accounting Office and the Student Accounts Office with check distribution lists that indicate where employees' checks and advices should be sent, and the total number of checks and advices for the pay period.

When an employee is hired at Fredonia, the Office of Payroll Services inputs a check distribution code on the employee's PayServ record. This code is generally indicative of the employee's department name and building, and is used to compile the check distribution lists. Employees who wish to have their paycheck distributed to a department other than that to which they are assigned may request so, in writing, to the Office of Payroll Services. Employees are only approved to pick up their own checks from their department or designated pick-up point, and may be required to present photo identification. Employees who wish to have their checks or advices mailed home must make arrangements with their department. The State Accounting Office, the Student Accounts Office, and the Office of Payroll Services are not responsible for checks that are misplaced or destroyed once they have been distributed to departments or mailed. Employees can request a stop payment and a replacement/reissue check by contacting the Office of Payroll Services. Replacement/reissued checks generally take four weeks to be processed by the Office of the State Comptroller.

Direct Deposits that are rejected due to inactive accounts or incorrect account information are reported to the State Accounting Office. Approximately two weeks after the deposit has been rejected, a live check is received and forwarded to Internal Control for distribution.

Payroll checks and/or advices that are mailed home to employees must be placed in a Fredonia envelope with a return address of Internal Control Coordinator, 407 Maytum Hall. Checks/Advices that are deemed undeliverable must be returned to Internal Control after thirty days. Once paychecks are returned, employees will have to recover their money using the unclaimed funds process with the Office of the State Comptroller.


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