FREDLearn Gradebook Setup

This documentation walks users through setting up the Gradebook in FREDLearn, using the Setup Wizard.



  1. On the course homepage, press the Grades link on the NavBar.

  2. Next, select the Setup Wizard, scroll down the page and press Start.

    Setup Wizard
  3. Choose the Weighted or Points Grading System. Scroll down and press Continue.

4. Choose how you want final grades to be released. Final Grades can either be Calculated or Adjusted. Also, decide if you want to automatically release the final grade. If yes, leave the box checked. If no, you can manually release final grades at a later date.

5. Choose to Drop ungraded items or Treat ungraded items as 0.

Drop ungraded items means that items that do not have a grade inputted are not counted in the final grade.

If you choose to Drop ungraded items, be sure to enter zeros for missing (not submitted) assignments!

Leave the box checked for Automatically keep final grade updated.

After you make your selection, press Continue.

6. Choose a Default Grade Scheme. Select either your campus' grade scheme (FRE), or the default (Percentage). Press Continue.

7. Manage View Display Options. Select the number of decimal places to display. Press Continue.

8. Select Student View Display Options. We recommend Leaving the box checked for Points grade and Grade scheme symbol. If you are creating a weighted Gradebook, leave the box checked for Weighted grade.

Make your selections for Number of decimal places to display, and Number of characters to display for Text items. Decide whether you want to Display final grade calculation to users. Press Continue.

9. The final step of the Setup Wizard displays a summary of user selections. Review your selections. Then press Finish.



  • It is recommended that users create their Gradebooks before the start of the semester to avoid complications when students begin submitting assignments.

  • If you want to change your migrated Gradebook to Points or Weighted, navigate to the Setup Wizard, scroll down the page and press START. Step 1 of the Setup Wizard allows the user to choose Weighted or Points. Make your selection, scroll down and press Continue. Continue through Step 7 of the Setup Wizard and press Finish to save your changes.

  • If you are a weighted grader, after you have set up your Gradebook, pay attention to the Note field at the top of the screen which may display warnings asking you to verify that the total weight of the categories totals 100%. Pay close attention particularly if you are working in a Gradebook that has been migrated from OnCourse.

  • For points graders who wish to create categories to organize grade items, after completing the Setup Wizard, navigate to the Manage Grades tab. Press the drop down arrow on the blue New button in the upper left corner. Select Category to begin creating your categories. 


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