eServices: Logging on to FREDLearn

These instructions will walk you through the steps for accessing FREDLearn, Fredonia’s Learning Management System (LMS). FREDLearn is powered by Brightspace and part of the SUNY DLE system.


  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Network Login button.

    SUNY DLE Login screen. arrow pointing to Network Login button
  3. The first time you log on you will be taken to the SUNY Secure Login screen.

    1. Choose Fredonia from the Campus drop down menu

    2. Turn on Remember Campus. This will allow you to skip these first few steps in future logins.

    3. Press the Log In button

      Shows SUNY Secure Login screen with steps to choose Fredonia from the Campus menu, Turn on Remember Campus, and press log in


  4. Enter your Fredonia e-Services login information.

    1. The username for this login is

  5. Use Microsoft MFA to verify your identity

  6. Choose SUNY Fredonia to access the Fredonia dashboard or go directly to one of your courses

    1. If you select to remember your campus, future logins will start with your eServices login credentials.

    2. If you have already logged into another Fredonia service with eServices, you will be passed directly to FREDLearn.

Need help logging in? Contact either the SUNY Online Help Desk of the Fredonia Service Center.

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