Upload a File in FREDLearn

FREDLearn allows you to upload a variety of file types to share with your students. File uploads are limited to 2GB per file.


To upload a file

  1. In the blue Nav Bar at the top of your course, click the Content link

  2. On the left-hand side, under the Table of Contents area click the module the file belongs in

    1. If you do not have modules created yet, you can create a module.

  3. Once the module loads click the “Upload/Create” button

  4. Choose Upload Files from the drop down menu

  5. Choose where the file you are loading is stored

    1. My Computer = is a file you have saved on your computer

    2. Course Offerings Files = files that you are already using in your course

    3. Google Drive = link directly to a file you have stored in Google Drive

  6. Follow the steps for adding the file and press the “Add” button

The maximum file size per file is 2GB but consider making files as small as possible to assist student in accessing these files on data plans and weak internet connections.